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Online Shopping + A7B2 gathering

Have been shopping pretty crazily last week and the things just arrived yesterday! (: Sadly, i had to return my HVV dress because i got a defective one. It wasnt supposed to be sheer but mine was a rejected piece. So i had no choice but to exchange with Clare. ); Hopefully, the mail doesnt get lost and all as if the mail gets lost or delayed, i will be the one responsible. -.- So hopefully, the mail wont get lost. ):  It had been a long time since Ive camwhored! So I took sometime to take pictures of my new addition to the wardrobe.

I came out of the toilet, & this idiot gave me the innocent look with the poor bear. The bear was like near my window. He jumped onto my bed and stole it. LOL

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10Jan2010: Bad day.

It was a bad Sunday for me. Ive been crying the whole day. Driving was great w a few praises from the instructor. After that, Boyf came to meet me at the entrance of CDC and sadly, we quarrelled when we were pretty near my house. Reason was that he thought that I spoke too sweetly to Nadou. -.- But that's how I talk to everyone!

After that, when we reached Nadou's place. Things got even worst. What happened was that, I tried calling both Nadou and Auntie Doris but none picked up. The doorbell wasnt working either. So I decided to just walk into the house since the door wasnt closed. I chatted w Auntie Doris for a while and when I got out, Boyf scolded me. He said that he was worried sick and asked why must I always do things without considering his feelings. He thinks that I do not treasure him at all. -.- We were really quiet back at his place. I went to play w Baby and he headed to shower.

When he got out, I supposed he was quite cooled down already but I was actually sobbing. When he came to talk to me, I started to break down, real badly. My tears were black. (if you dont get what I mean.. I cried so badly that my eyeliner got washed away by my tears) He tried talking to me but I could not stop crying. He tried hugging me but that just made me worst. When we were about to leave his place, i tried to cool myself down by playing w Baby more. While i was busy w Baby, he came to hug me. I just stood there, controlling the tears. ); It took me real long just to tell him that perhaps, I shouldnt join him to his Mum's Bday celebration. His eyes got watery. =/ While walking to take a cab, it was really awkward. He kept saying that since he always got dumped, he wouldnt mind if I dumped him either. He'll understand if I chose to end all this r/s. I just kept real quiet. Apparently, that guy was holding back his tears. I asked him to tell the cab driver to head straight to the Mum's celebration instead of sending me home. I could see that he was really really close to breaking down when I said that. After that, I whispered to him that I'll follow him and he took some time to react. I think that guy thought it'll be the end if i chose to head home instead. Thank god that his mum or family realised that I cried. :) His mum gave me a hug when we were about to leave first, saying that she likes me. LOL.

Now, here comes another devasting part. When I got home, I saw Ben came online and decided to ask him how's lil Maggie. He put a sad face and I thought he gave Maggie away or something. How I wish I was wrong..... it was worst. Maggie passed away. ): I started to cry non stop for Maggie. I found out that Maggie dug a hole and sneaked out of the house. Then, she got hit by a car. ): It was a hit-and-run. _|_ I was sooooooo upset. I only saw her once. I started to recall her playing in that small man-made shelter. The first time I gave her to Ben and the first visit at Ben's place. ): This bad news happened Last Nov but Ben couldnt bring himself to pass the message as he felt that he was to blame. His whole family was badly affected as they lost 2 dogs in one year. For me, it was somehow the same thing. I could not stop crying. I could not stop thinking.

Dear Maggie,

Knowing your death was too sudden. I was planning to visit you after my internship. You were only 8Months old and now, youre in Doggie's Heaven. It's really really devasting. The first time I saw you in the man-made shelter, you were a lil baby who would fall when you walk. You were the lucky one who got adopted first and headed to a great family. But sadly, tragic happens. I miss your little nimble. You were a smart dog but yet so naughty. You were just like my own one. I could not wait to see how big youve grown. ): But I didnt had a chance.  I believed your brothers and sisters are were crying for you. Tell Doggie that I saved your life and hopefully, he will play a role as a big brother and take good care of you. Im sorry that I didnt play my part to visit you more frequently. If I tried to visit you once a week, perhaps you will still be with us. Ben felt sad too as he didnt say goodbye to you. May the person who bang you has his retribution. We'll really miss you. RIP, my lil one. Hopefully, your next life will be a great one.

With love,

3Jan10 (Sunday) - Old Dogs

Movie Rating: 8.5/10
Damn bloody hilarious. But storyline was average.

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1Jan10 (Friday):

By right, I was supposed to go out w Wong and Kng. But Lover decided to meet me instead. He came at about 4 plus and my parents went to watch Avatar. LOL! We were supposed to join them but we've already watched it just one day before. Lover had to attend one of his friend's birthday party in a pub. ): So again BY RIGHT, it's the end of the day for us.

But, that silly ass tore his pants in the pub. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH. I was laughing at him. =p Anyway, his pants got hooked onto some pool table parts or something that it got ripped. He didnt realise until he went to pee. So he was hoping that he can sneak into my house. Since I had to wake up freaking early the next day, I decided to just sneak him in. It was dammnnnn scary! Because the dogs were noisy and I really cannot let my dad see me sneaking my Boyf into the house in the middle of the night. His imaginations will definitely run wild. I had to copy a lil stuff into the workbook so I could not sleep yet. Boyf saw what Liang typed to me: "Do you need a goodnight kiss for motivation?" And of course, his mood changed. I assured him that Liang only do that once in a blue moon (which is true!). He seemed alright and asked me to go back to my work. Moment later, I heard him sniffing and there he was, tearing. I was god-damn shocked! I re-assured him that I don't talk to guys like that because he said he had the thinking that my way of thinking to guys are like that, giving them some false hopes of something. =/

2Jan10 (Saturday):

Movie Rating : 6.5/10
Interesting character, boring movie.

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31Dec09 - 1Jan2010 : Another new year.


Movie Rating: 10/10
Amazing graphics. Great plot

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The End of 2009

I think Im a little late for summarizing year 2009. But, it's better than nothing. The events will be soooo jumbled up. HAHA.

The year was 50% bad and 50% good. It started out real bad, with Doggie passing away. Days of crying and till now, he is still being missed. The experience of losing our longest dog was overwhelming but it somehow made me feel closer to my Brother. Especially, when he came to console me when I was crying like some crazy girl. And before Chinese New Year, we welcomed a new member to the family - Milo's Brother, Buddy. Both dogs were so young back then, creating a lot of trouble and made me real busy but they are the only reason that made me want to rush home everyday. I even had a hard time getting use to them sleeping outside every night. 2 Crazy dogs love to run out and make me cry, running around finding for them. Love to go in and out the room and make me stop having peaceful sleep since they came. But I still love them like crazy. (:

Being real panicky for projects datelines, rushing projects seemed so yesterday. And now, Im at the final stage of final year in Poly - Internship. Became closer with a few cliques and had different crazy times. I will never forget the whining period with Banana & Gang. The crazy moments in lab and laughing non-stops. Being in ASC and OLTC/Orientation was a huge step too. Drifting apart from friends that you were once closed and becoming closer with friends you never thought you will click with. 38Club was then created by Mr Mong Zhen Han. (: Endless Gossips and a cool President.. What else can we ask for? And also, getting closer to Mr Chia & Gang. Hanging out late at night at HK Cafe, almost every night. Even making people have the misunderstanding of Chongseng and I being together. LOL!

July was the greatest month as I met the one who can tolerate all my nonsense -  Mr Tan HaoXiang. Honestly, we were strangers from the cyberworld. (Yes, we met online. The old-fashioned way.) He was the first guy that made me so nervous about, on our first day meeting. He was the first guy that kept giving me so much surprises, right from the start. When I expected nothing to happen, he surprised me by holding my hands in the cinema and never let go. And by giving the relationship a chance, he tolerated all my nonsense, put in hell lot of efforts and didnt mind anything at all. (: We quarrelled a lot of times over jealousy but this shows how much we love each other, i guess. We're already talking about our future, even though it is freaking early to say. He's the first guy I brought home to almost everyone and initially, I was upset that I wasnt the first for him. I was still clinging on to C and still wanting for him to return. But now, my silly boy eliminated that hope by crying because of the thought of losing me. (: Thanks to him, my eyecandy for G also ended.. after crushing on him for the pathetic 2 years odd.After that, he was there for me when my uncle got admitted into the hospital. Crying for days but he still meet me, wanting for me for nearly 1 hour outside my house, just to console me only an hour. Still looking forward to each day, being filled by my this fat busy army officer. (;
I also have great celebrations for my birthday. With surprise celebrations from Mr Chia & Gang + Banana & Gang. Wonderful Buffet with family and a romantic celebration with Lover. :D

Brother showed me how matured he became after going to Sydney for his studies. Could not stop worrying for him but you can see how much he misses the family. He still keep me company online and of course, the whole family misses him too and can't wait for him to return.

And of course, Im still doing endless online shopping. (: Not to forget, 2009 embarks the opening of my Blogshop & also, the 'job' of helping homeless puppies/dogs. I tried to help 11 puppies but of course, I only have credits to 2 of the dogs and the rest were being helped by Auntie Suat. Heading over during weekends to play with the puppies, giving them names and trying so hard to find good homes for them. And even meeting inconsiderate people who bring puppies to chalet, drinking alcohol and all. -.- But, I supposed 2 out of 11 was a good start for Beginners. (:

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

This year christmas wasnt spent alone. I went out w lover's secondary school clique. Honestly, it was freaking awkward initially. Especially when I know no one, except Shannon and Lover. It was planned to head to Suntec's Astons for dinner. Most of his friends were late. Anyway, during dinner, all I did was listen to what they said and sms. I know I may seem anti-social but can't blame me! I was feeling damn awkward. It wasnt that bad when Denyse sat infront of me. LOL. Funny thing was that Denyse and I wore the same high waist shorts. LOL!

After that, we headed to pub. We went to rainy bar and whisky bar. (: Whisky bar isnt that great. ): I find the stupid band damn noisy. =x Coincidentally, Zhiwei knows Eugene. So when I accompanied Zhiwei and Lover to go withdraw money, Zhiwei and I kinda made friends cos' of Eugene. HAHAHA! Then, once we hopped over to the 2nd bar, I didnt feel as awkward as before. Quite opened up already. (: THANK GOD! I was freaking out actually, afraid that his friends and I may not even get along at all.

Lover's polymates somehow came him a surprise by popping out. HAHA! We hung out w them after his secondary clique left. :D My Sm called me so I have no choice but to pull Lover home. In the end, the person who called was my Dad. LOL! Xmas eve celebration is fun, overall. :D


Christmas was spent playing Mahjong at my place! HAHA! I won $3.20, again. -.- HAHAHA! Better than nothing. I got too engrossed with the game that I neglected my poor boy, who came over to accompany me. ): So, eventually that led to an argument. The game ended at 11pm, and Chongseng, Wong, Sok, Lover and I headed off to my house nearby for prata! Cs sent lover home and once we talked on the phone, we argued again. -.- AHHHHH!

Anyway, lover bought log cake from Swensens & my sm got this durian log cake. xD Nice!

Merry Christmas, everybody!


17Dec2009: 5th Month Anniversary

My beloved boyf had off! (: And Suzie was on leave, so that boy asked if I can leave slightly earlier. I thought and said alright. In the end, at 2.30pm, that silly pig asked me to meet him at my office lobby. So i went out and I saw him! He was holding a plastic bag with cupcake! (: HAHA! Was quite happy actually. Dragged him to head to the Post Office with me and I helped 2 aunties with the purchase of postage stamps. Accomplishment! HAHAH! After that, I headed back to the office to do my work until nearly 5pm.

I needed to head to the toilet to touch-up on my makeup. & since I was having my menstruation, I needed to change the pad too. SOME INCONSIDERATE BITCH DIDNT WRAP HER PAD, BEFORE DUMPING INTO THE SANITARY PAD BIN!!!! The blood part was actually facing down, which means the sticky part was on top. I supposed the blood part was so wet that it stuck to the bin's mouth. But anyway, I wrapped mine and placed it on her pad gently. Hoping that if I close the mouth, it'll drop. I WAS SO WRONG. MY PAD STUCK TO THE DISGUSTING PAD!!! So I find it god-damn grossed for the cleaner to clean up. Then I thought maybe I should find a way to make our pads slide down. I stepped on the bin's leg repeated but it was useless. I EVEN WENT TO THE EXTEND OF STICKING MY FINGER IN TO PUSH MY PAD DOWN AT LEAST. EWWWWWWW!! Obviously, I touched a lil of the dirty pad blood....... which isnt my blood!! /goosebumps.

Was whining to Boyf once I saw him again. We headed off to Cineleisure for a movie!! (: I always love Disney's cartoons and "Princess & the Frog" was REALLY GOOD!! Even Boyf laughed in some of the scenes. HAHAHA! We had our dinner at Yoshinoya! (: We decided on that because both of us were really quite broke already. I managed to eat my ice-cream mochi too!!! (: Yummy. The day ended off as normal, where Boyf sent me home!!!! (:

i want to be your princess for as long as possible